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Pricing and Buying Beef Explained

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whole cow is 3.50 lb for hanging wt

1/2 cow is 3.75 lb for hanging wt

1/4 cow is 4.00 lb for hanging wt

Processing fee for butcher  0.51 lb.

*$150 deposit required


How much eating meat will I get?

Each animal varies in it’s size. After the animal is slaughtered, removing the head, blood, hide, and inedible parts, you’re left with about 58-65% remaining percentage of the steer.

Processing is when your beef is cut into ready to cook portions. After processing your meat will weigh less than the carcass did before processing. The percentage of closely trimmed mostly boneless cuts remaining from dressed weight can be estimated to be 50-65% of the live weight.

So if your steer weighs 1100 pounds live weight, you can expect to have 550pounds-715 pounds of beef in your freezer.

Please be sure to contact Ray Kersey at 513-200-6042

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